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Photo of Photographer

​​Vanessa R. Frazier is the artist behind the lens of Bona Fide Photography, LLC, based in Aurora, CO. Vanessa's journey into photograpy began in high school when she had to choose between her AP Art class and a photography class. She got the opportunity to keep her photography interests alive when she became the Historian for her FBLA club. Her term as an officer was brief when she had to resign because she could not afford the costs of film and printing needed to document all of the club’s activities effectively. Vanessa continued to focus on her artwork while keeping photography a hobby maintained by preserving her memories of time spent with friends and various family events. Inspired by her doctoral research related to creative placemaking and the impact on homelessness in neighborhoods experiencing gentrification, Vanessa picked up her camera with the intent of serving emerging creative and culinary entrepreneurs who lacked the funds for images that showcased their events and talent. The journey has led her to a newfound joy of capturing culinary still-life & branding, a discernment for capturing thoughtful and emotionally evoking images of individual & couples, and a development of skill for taking artistically inspired portraits. 

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