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Welcome to Bona Fide Photography, LLC! While we understand that you may be excited to check out Vanessa's work and schedule your session, please take some time to carefully review the privacy policy to learn how the personal information you share related to booking your photography session is collected, stored, and used. 

Privacy Policy 
(Last updated January 5, 2024)

We collect a variety of information from You when interacting with Bona Fide Photography, LLC (Bona Fide Photography) here on the website and on social media. By accepting this Privacy Policy, You are specifically consenting to the collection of the data described below, to the use of the data, to the processing of this data, and to the sharing of the data with third-party processors as needed for legitimate business interests. The information We collect may include: 

Personal Data is information that can be used to identify You specifically, including Your name, shipping address, email address, telephone number, or demographic information like Your age, gender, or hometown. You consent to giving Bona Fide Photography, this information by providing it voluntarily on this website or any mobile application. You provide some of this information when You participate in various activities associated with Bona Fide Photography's website, social media, Calendly, or Linktree sites, to questions through the contact pages, review offered services, schedule a consultation via Zoom or Google Meet,  or submit payment in response to receipt of an invoice via PayPal, and accessing Your digital photo gallery. Your decision to disclose this data is entirely voluntary. You are not obligated to provide this information, but Your refusal may prevent access to services.

Financial data is related to Your payment method, such as credit card or bank transfer details. Financial transactions are completed through the payment processors, PayPal and Venmo, used by Bona Fide Photography. You should review these processors’ Privacy Policy to determine how they use, disclose, and protect Your financial data. When you submit your payment, Vanessa does not see your financial or bank information. Invoices for the purpose of sales tax payment will be kept for a period of 7 years. If Bona Fide Photography ceases to exist before the 7-year retention period, the invoices will be destroyed once all sales tax accounts have been confirmed as closed. 

We may access personal information from social networking sites and apps, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other social networking sites or apps not named specifically here, which may include Your name, Your social network username, location, email address, age, gender, profile picture, and any other public information. If You do not want Us to access this information, please go to the specific social networking site and change Your privacy settings. 

If You use the Bona Fide Photograph's website via a mobile device, the information collected is the same as that listed above under "Personal Data." 

You may occasionally give Bona Fide Photography additional data to enter a contest or giveaway or participate in a survey. You will be prompted for this information, and it will be clear that You are offering this kind of information in exchange for an entry into such a contest or giveaway. 

Your information allows Bona Fide Photography to offer You certain services, including the use of the website, to fulfill Bona Fide Photography's obligations to You. Bona Fide Photography does not transmit or permit your data to be shared with any third party for processing outside the scope of scheduling your consultations, issuing invoices and processing your payment, and delivering your photo gallery. However, to the extent Bona Fide Photography processes Your data, it does so to serve legitimate business interests (such as providing You with the opportunity to purchase services and interact with the website from your computer or phone). 

 Specifically, Bona Fide Photography may use the information and data described above to: 
1. Create and administer Your CloudSpot Photo Gallery; and 
2. Deliver any services purchased by You to You; and 
3. Correspond with You; and 
4. Process payments or refunds; and 

5. Calculate sales tax based on your residential location; and 
6. Interact with You via social media; and 
7. Request feedback from You; and 
8. Resolve disputes and troubleshoot any problems; and 
9. Assist law enforcement as necessary; and 
10. Prevent fraudulent activity on Our website or mobile app; and 
11. Analyze trends to improve the website and offerings. 



Bona Fide Photography does not process Your information in-house or give it to third-party processors for processing. For example, when PayPal and Venmo take Your payment information, they are a third-party processor. They process Your payment and remit the funds to Us based on your voluntary action in association with your request for photography services performed by Vanessa.

The information collected and stored is used primarily to allow Bona Fide Photography to offer photography services. In addition, Bona Fide Photography may collect, use, and process Your information based on the following grounds: 

We may use and process Your data for legitimate business interests, which include, among other things, communicating with You, improving services, improving the website, and providing You with the information or digital images that You have requested. 

Performance of a Service Agreement: Bona Fide Photography may use and process Your information to enter into a service agreement with You and perform its contractual obligations. 

Consent: We may use Your data through third-party processors to use Your data as described, based on Your consent to photography services. You may withdraw Your consent at any time, but doing so may affect Your ability to use the ShootProof Photo Gallery or other offerings. 

As required by law: We may also use or process Your data as required for Us to comply with legal obligations. 

We may share Your information with third parties in certain situations. In particular, We may share Your data with third-party processors as needed to serve Our legitimate business interests, which include properly calculating sales tax, creating Your digital photo gallery, entering into a service agreement with You, communicating with You, conducting a consultation regarding requested services, and delivering requested services, and identifying trends. The legal basis for Our disclosure of Your data is both Your Consent to this Privacy Policy, Your voluntary request for services and completion of a service agreement, and Bona Fide Photography's own right to protect and promote its legitimate business interests. 

The following are specific reasons why We may share Your information: 

Third-Party Processing: We may disclose Your information to third parties who assist Bona Fide Photography with various tasks, including payment processing, hosting services, email delivery, communications, and customer service. Bona Fide Photography may not always disclose these third-party processors if not required by law. Bona Fide Photography does not authorize them to use or disclose Your personal information except in connection with providing Bona Fide Photography with their services. 

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